Boaz is a Cantor, a lyric tenor, a concert performer and a composer. He holds B.A in Music Ed. and M.A in Musicology.


Before becoming a Cantor, Boaz performed constantly in festivals and concerts around Israel, Europe and the U.S.A. as a lyric tenor soloist. He sang Renaissance, Baroque, oratorio, early opera and world music, along with his own compositions.


Then, Boaz went through a major turn in his life - he returned to his Jewish origins and discovered the "Wonderful Light of Emunah (faith)". As a result of that, he longed to the world of Cantorial and Jewish soul music. Boaz registered to TACI (Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute) and started, passionately, to study under the direction of maestro and cantor Naphtali Herstik. After only 2 years of study – during a cantorial tour of TACI in North America - Boaz was “kidnapped” to Shaare Zion Congregation in Montreal, Canada and became a full-time cantor. There, in Montreal, Boaz completed his Cantorial studies with maestro and Cantor Arye Subar.

After 6 years of a successful carrier as a cantor in Montreal, within he also produced 2 CD’s, broadcasted a program in the Montreal Jewish radio – “Radio Shalom”, took part in many concerts as a soloist and produced Charity concerts for Israel with the ”Share Zion band” (a band that he established) Boaz and his family (his wife and his 3 children) returned to their homeland - Israel.


In Israel, Boaz continues vigorously in his musical career: sings and acts in children musical theater and performs around Israel and the world as a soloist with different ensembles and with his band "Boaz Ve'Hakotzrim" ("Boaz & the Harvests"). The band music is a combination of the cantorial classic style along with rock, Balkan and world music.

Boaz serves now as a part-time cantor in "Shaare Zedek" congregation, Montreal, Canada, after he served as a part-time cantor in "B'nai Torah" congregation, Boca Raton, Florida.

"Music brought me towards many different fascinating places and projects" Boaz says "from singing in Sweden and Denmark with classical vocal ensembles together with oriental instrumentalists, through festivals in Europe and the U.S.A. From being a soloist with Israel’s leading choirs and orchestras all the way to serve as a cantor in  big and wonderful congregations in north America."